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Coastal Non-Detergent Motor Oil 30W | 12/1 Quart Case

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25.00 LBS
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Product Description

Coastal Non-Detergent Motor Oil 30W, 12/1 quart case, is for older, worn engines with high oil consumption requiring an API Service Classification SA motor oil. It is blended from 100% virgin petroleum base oils and is intended for use in non-critical gasoline engines operating under conditions which do not require a detergent motor oil. It is for general purpose bearing and circulating system lubrication.

Coastal Non-Detergent Motor Benefits

  • Resists breakdown under high temperatures
  • Maintains oil pressure under heavy load conditions
  • Minimizes rust and corrosion

Coastal Non-Detergent Oils are a product of Warren Oil Company. The Coastal Non-Detergent 30W Motor Oils features a pour point of 0°F. Coastal Non-Detergent Motor Oils are not recommended for new engines, newly rebuilt engines, or any late model engines equipped with hydraulic valve lifters.

CAUTION: This oil is rated AIP SA. It contains no additives. It is not suitable for use in most gasoline-powered automotive engines built after 1930. Use in modern engines may cause unsatisfactory engine performance or equipment harm.

This product is available in 55 gal. drums, 1 quart cases of 12, and 1 gal. cases of 6. 

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