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API CF Mono Grade Diesel Engine Oil


The American Petroleum Institute (API) monitors the quality and applicability of engine oils through the occasional introduction of performance categories - or, a set of performance standards - that meet the demands of certain engines. API CF is one of those categories.

Category CF oils are intended for the lubrication and protection of diesel engine components employed in off-road, indirect-injected, and other diesel engines that use a broad range of fuel types. The types of engines that these oils are intended for use in are subject to piston deposits, heavy wear, and bearing corrosion and therefore require specific oils to provide protection. These vehicles are likely no longer manufactured or may be older models of modern construction equipment.

Monograde, mono grade, or mono-grade simply refers to the single requirement that these engine oils cover according to the SAE J300 classification system: that is, these oils - in contrast to multigrade oils - may not use a viscosity index improver (an additive that helps oil to maintain its desired level of thickness). That renders these oils less versatile and instead require different weights and viscosities depending on the application and time of year. If you have any questions regarding API performance categories or monograde vs. multigrade oils, please give us a call at 1-855-899-7467.

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