Autoguard Hi-temp NLGI 2 Grease | 50/14 Ounce Tube Case

Autoguard Hi-temp NLGI 2 Grease | 50/14 Ounce Tube Case
This product is now known under a different name, please visit SUNOCO TACKY RED 2 GREASE | 40/14 OUNCE TUBES to purchase.

50.00 LBS

Autoguard Hi-Temp NLGI 2 Grease, 50/14 ounce tubes are designed for high-temperature applications like wheel bearings on vehicles with anti-lock, disc, and conventional braking systems. Its applicable to provide wheel bearing protection on trucks, buses, vans, cars, and farm equipment that have disc brakes. It is also beneficial for vehicles that carry heavy loads and perform shock loading.  

The product's wide range of uses include ball joints, u-joints, wheel bearings, fifth wheels, chassis, couplings, gears, king pins, and industrial bearings. It exceeds the requirements of the NLGI GC-LB specification. 

  • Rust, EP/anti-wear, and oxidation inhibitor
  • Fully additive treated 
  • Water washout resistant and water insoluble 
  • Provides lubrication for severe duty automotive, mining, industrial, trucking, and construction equipment 

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