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Automotive Lubricants: By SAE Weight

PSC offers a wide variety of engine oils for all different oil applications. The motor oils are broken down by weight to make it easier for our customers to find the desired oils by weight that they need.

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  • 10 W Oil

  • 30W Oil

  • 40W Oil

  • 50W Oil

  • 0w-20 Oil

  • 0w-40 Oil

  • 5w-20 Oil

  • 5w-30 Oil

  • 5w-40 Oil

  • 10w-30 Oil

  • 10w-40 Oil

  • 15w-40 Oil

  • 15w-50 Oil

  • 20w-20 Oil

  • 20w-50 Oil

  • 75w-90 Oil

  • 80w-90 Oil

  • 80w-140 Oil

  • 85w-140 Oil