Chevron Cetus HiPerSYN 460 | 5 Gallon Pail

Chevron Cetus HiPerSYN 460 | 5 Gallon Pail
38.00 LBS

Cetus HiPerSYN 460, 5 gallon pail, is a versatile rust and oxidation-inhibited lubricant that may be used in countless applications throughout industrial plants. This product is designed to outperform mineral-based oils intended to lubricate the same machinery – this is due to the exclusive synthetic formula of this product in addition to the unique additive package.

This lubricant is a well-rounded performer and may be used successfully in various applications including the lubrication of rotary air compressors, plain and rolling-element bearings that operate at exceedingly high or low temperatures, circulating systems, and moderately-loaded gear drives (be sure to check with OEM specs). Additionally, this product may be employed in some gas compressors and vacuum pumps.

The excellent anti-wear capabilities of this oil make it an ideal option for applications that require a high film-strength, synthetic R&O oil. Also, this product is excellent at keeping internal machine components clean and free of debris and sludge buildup.

Performance Characteristics

  • Wide list of applications
  • High quality Synthetic formula
  • High flash point
  • Low pour point
  • High Viscosity Index


Cetus HiPerSYN 460 is a top-quality industrial R&O oil that can be implemented across industrial plants. This oil has the highest viscosity of the Cetus HiPerSYN 460 line as well as an impeccable viscosity index rating – these qualities make this lubricant usable in varying weather conditions as well as applications. Receiving the “premium industrial lubricant” stamp of approval from Chevron, this oil will lead to increased machine efficiency and operation cost reduction in the long run.

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