Chevron Delo Grease ESI

Chevron Delo Grease ESI
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Chevron Delo Grease ESI, NLGI 2, Blue in Color, Lithium Thickener with and ISO VG 220 Base Oil

Chevron Delo Grease ESI is a premium trucker’s grease using ISOSYN Technology that is designed to extend service intervals of wheel bearing, chassis, and kingpins and may be used in a vast number of on-road and off-road applications.

Delo grease from Chevron is lab-engineered to extend its lubricant-life as well as the service-life of vehicles small and large; use Delo for the lubrication of chassis and wheel bearings in on-highway heavy duty trucks, off-road vehicles, and the everyday automobile. Also, Delo Grease ESI may be used as a lubricant for steering drag links, kingpins, fifth-wheels, shackle pins, brake cam shafts, and other automotive components operating under high and low temperature conditions.

This grease is formulated to minimize friction and is applied in an extra-thick, velvety coating that has excellent film strength and can carry heavy loads. Meet NLGI GC-LB specification as well as Mercedes Benz MB 265.1.

Performance Characteristics

  • Extended Service Protection to 30,000+ miles
  • Extreme pressure, high load carrying capacity
  • Excellent corrosion and wear protection
  • Superior water resistance
  • High temperature stability
  • Pumpable at low temperatures


A technically advanced, premium grease designed to handle the performance demands of most vehicular lubrication applications requiring an NLGI LB grease. Delo Grease ESI also exceeds the NLGI requirements for an EP grease (extreme pressure). The Delo product uses an exclusive lithium complex thickener system that is adaptable, allowing for increased pumpability and excellent performance in varied temperature conditions. This grease has a viscosity index of 98 and a flash point of 274°C.

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