Chevron Meropa Synthetic EP 150 | 5 Gallon Pail

Chevron Meropa Synthetic EP 150 | 5 Gallon Pail
38.00 LBS

Chevron Meropa Synthetic EP 150, 5 Gallon pail, is a fully synthetic extreme-pressure gear oil designed to protect industrial gearboxes operating at extreme temperatures and pressures.

EP 150 is a premium lubricant formulated to meet the performance standards of several types of gearboxes used in an industrial setting. This lab-engineered EP oil is used almost exclusively in gearboxes operating at temperatures as high as 107°C and as low as -46°C, but may also be used in bearings that are subject to similar conditions.

One of the top gear lubes available, Meropa Synthetic EP 150 satisfies the following requirements: MAG Cincinnati, Cincinnati Machine P-77, AGMA 9005, DIN 51517-3 (CLP), and US Steel 224. Due to the EP (extreme-pressure) performance characteristics of Meropa Synthetic EP 150, this product is built to outlast the common mineral-based lubricants when employed in industrial gearboxes.

Performance Characteristics

  • Outstanding thermal stability
  • Low pour point
  • High Viscosity Index Oil
  • Extended drain intervals
  • Widely Compatible
  • Excellent Shear Stability


Meropa Synthetic EP 150 is a premium gear lube that is formulated to resist the formation of rust and corrosion while also exhibiting superior performance (in comparison to mineral-based lubes) in industrial gearboxes that call for the employment of an extreme-pressure gear oil (EP gear lubricant). This product is designed to increase the gear efficiency of most gearboxes found in industrial plants – additionally, this high-quality lube is engineered to extend the service life of your industrial gearbox.

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