Coastal Fuel Water Removal | 12/12 Ounce Case

Coastal Fuel Water Removal | 12/12 Ounce Case
This product is now known under a different name, please visit K100-G GASOLINE TREATMENT | 12/8 OUNCES CASE to purchase.

10.00 LBS

Coastal Fuel Water Removal, 12/12 ounce case, is a fuel additive that removes water from gasoline. This exclusive formula can be used year-round to de-water fuel systems and keep your gasoline pure. It absorbs moisture for smoother engine performance and prevents frozen gas line and carburetor icing. One 12 ounce bottle treats 12 to 20 gallons of fuel.

Coastal Fuel Water Removal Benefits

  • Reduces pinging
  • Safe for fuel injectors
  • Prevents freezing in fuel systems

Coastal Fuel Water Removal is a product of Warren Oil Company. This water remover features a boiling point at 760 mmHg of 148°F.  

This product is available in 12/12 ounce cases.

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