Dri-Rite Plus Trakshun

Dri-Rite Plus Trakshun
The Dri-Rite Company
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Dri-Rite Premium Absorbent is a special blend of highly absorbent clay granules (Fuller's Earth) and Dolomite. Particles of both minerals in this exclusive safety blend are sized to specific mesh ranges and formulated to maximize absorption, minimize dust and provide safety traction. It also has the following features:

  • Clay particles are specially heat-treated to provide integrity while retaining maximum absorptive capacity. Product will NOT break down (turn to mud) even when fully saturated.
  • Exclusive traction blend provides non-slip surface under foot and wheeled traffic.
  • An all natural mineral blend with no chemical additives. The blend is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous for safe, long-term storage and use.
  • Special production dedusting minimizes nuisance dust.


Dri-Rite Premium absorbent can be used to provide a quick, simple and easy means to absorb a wide range of liquid spills and leaks around machinery, hoses, pipes, pumps and on general floor areas. It is also handy for other plant housekeeping/safety chores on exterior walkways, drives and dock areas. This product is also an excellent winter traction/safety aid. A bag or two can be conveniently carried in trucks and/or automobiles.


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