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Full Synthetic 5w-40 Oil

PSC Provides Full Synthetic 5w-40 Engine oils for both Heavey Duty and Passenger Car Engine Applications

Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel 5w-40 meets or exceeds the requirements of:

  • API Service CJ-4, CI-4 with CI-4 PLUS, CI-4, CH-4, SN
  • Caterpillar ECF-3, ECF-2, ECF-1a
  • Cummins CES 20081
  • Detroit Diesel Power Guard 93K218, Power Guard 93K214
  • Deutz DQC III-05
  • International (Navistar) diesel engines
  • Mack EO-O Premium Plus
  • Renault VI RLD-3
  • Volvo VDS-4, VDS-3, VDS-2

Full Synthetic Passenger Car SAE 5W-40 Motor Oil, that meets or exceeds the requirements of:

  • API Service SM, CF
  • ACEA A3/B3-04, A3/B4-04
  • BMW Longlife-04 Oil
  • Mercedes-Benz Sheet 229.51
  • Porsche A40 (excludes Cayenne V6 for extended drain & Cayenne diesel)
  • VW 505.01, 505.00, 502.00
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  • Kendall GT-1 Full Synthetic Euro 5w-40

  • Sunoco Euro Plus Full Synthetic 5w-40

  • Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel 5w-40

  • Mobil Delvac 1 ESP 5w-40

  • Shell Rotella T-6 SAE 5w-40

  • Phillips 66 Triton ECT 5w-40