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SAE 140Wt. | Gear Lube | GL-1 & GL-4 Mineral


The API, or American Petroleum Institute, has a designated set of gear lubricant qualifications according to the specific lubricant purpose, weight, and quality.

140 Wt. GL-1 lubricants are active lubricants designated by the Petroleum Institute. The applications using these oils must be under very mild conditions - crude oil should be able to run in these machines should they be implemented. GL-1 lubricants are a controlled improvement over crude oil, however, they are commonly used in old machines. Check with OEM specifications before implementing these oils.

Additionally, 140wt. GL-4 lubricants are intended for spiral bevel gears in axles, hypoid gear sets, and in certain applications calling for an MT-1 lubricant. Check with OEM specifications to determine if these oils are applicable for use in your machine.

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