Mobil Delvac Xtreme Service Grease | 40/14 Ounce Case

Mobil Delvac Xtreme Service Grease | 40/14 Ounce Case
42.00 LBS

Mobil Delvac Xtreme Service Grease, 40/14 ounce tubes, is an extra-high-performance extreme-pressure grease. It is an NLGI 2 grade and is manufactured with a proprietary, high-temperature lithium complex thickener system. It exhibits excellent resistance to softening under severe working conditions and provides good adhesion and cohesion.

An extreme-pressure additive in this grease provides exceptional protection against wear and shock loads, while additional additives enhance resistance to high-temperature oxidation and protection against rust. Other formulation features provide very good resistance to water wash, and long service in bearings operating at high temperatures.

This heavy-duty, severe-service grease has outstanding structural stability and chemical stability, will not corrode steel or copper bearing alloys, and is compatible with conventional seal materials. It also has the following benefits:

Excellent resistance to water, including spray off and wash out:

  • Maintains excellent lubrication properties and protects equipment in conditions of water contamination

Outstanding extreme-pressure and antiwear protection:

  • Lower maintenance costs and less unanticipated downtime

Better stay-put properties at high temperatures:

  • Excellent performance in high shear, high load applications, especially where grease re-supply is limited

Excellent resistance to rust and corrosion:

  • Protects equipment in the presence of water for reduced maintenance and longer equipment life


Recommended by ExxonMobil for use in:

  • Heavy-duty trucks, especially hinge and bucket pins, U-joints, and fifth wheels
  • Mining and construction equipment
  • Highly loaded plain and antifriction industrial bearings


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