Undercoating-In-A-Can Rubberized Coating

Undercoating-In-A-Can Rubberized is a rust preventative sealant that dries firm but remains flexible to protect against chipping from gravel. This rubberized coating allows for heavy build-up on vertical and overhead surfaces which allows for superior sound deadening.

Undercoating In A Can Rubberized is designed for corrosion protection and sound deadening of chassis components of automobiles, trucks, trailers and other transportation equipment. This "Rubberized" version is black in color and has a texturized finish that can be top-coated with an automotive type paint if desired.

Rubberized undercoating's can provide years of corrosion protection but they should only be applied to surfaces that are completely free of corrosion. This is the perfect product for new or complete restoration projects. It also provides the added benefit of drying firm and it can be painted with a colored top-coat to match other vehicle components. 

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