Sunoco DURATRANS FE 50wt Syn Trans Fluid | 16 Gal Keg

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SUNOCO DURATRANS FE FULL SYN SAE 50 TRANS FLUID in 16 gallon keg is an Eaton Approved, full synthetic, premium qulaity, SAE 50 heavy duty transmission lubricant. 


SUNOCO DURATRANS FE FULL SYN SAE 50 TRANS FLUID is designed to meet the rigorous demands of extended drain warranty requirements for both on and off highway equipment. Specially formulated for stability under severe conditions, it is suitable for use in transmissions and gear cases where API GL-1 through API GL-4 and non-EP protection is recommended.


SUNOCO DURATRANS FE FULL SYN SAE 50 TRANS FLUID provides outstanding cleanliness, superior oxidation stability and excellent low temperature performance.  It also offers enhanced friction reduction properties and exceptional shear stability that can translate into increased fuel economy in some applications. 


API GL-4 /MT-1  • Eaton PS-164 Rev. 7  • ZF Freedomline (ZF-AS Tronic)  • Mack TO-A plus, mDrive/Volvo I-Shift  • ArvinMeritor O-81  • Volvo STD 97305  • International TMS-6816

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