Sunoco Full Synthetic HD MV ATF | 55 Gallon Drum

Sunoco Full Synthetic HD MV ATF | 55 Gallon Drum
Sunoco Lubricants

467.00 LBS

Sunoco Full Synthetic HD MV ATF in a bulk 55 Gallon Drum is a top-tier, fully synthetic transmission fluid designed for use in in a wide variety of heavy duty automatic transmissions. Formulated to meet the requirements of modern heavy-duty automatic transmission, It offers excellent shifting and power transfer performance and true wide-temperature operation. 


It is specifically designed for use in heavy-duty automatic transmissions, but can be used in other higher viscosity ATF applications.  This high performance product is intended for severe duty, high temperatures, and heavy loads. 

Features & Benefits 

Sunoco Full Synthetic HD MV ATF has excellent frictional properties that ensure smooth shifting and power transfer in all operating conditions. Its fully synthetic base stocks provide outstanding start up circulation and exceptional low and high temperature characteristics and it is specifically designed for heavy duty transmissions.

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