Sunoco Tacky Red #2 Grease | 120 Pound Keg

Sunoco Tacky Red #2 Grease | 120 Pound Keg
150.00 LBS

Sunoco Tacky Red #2 Grease in a 120 Pound Drum are a high temperature, semi-synthetic, lithium complex based grease containing extreme pressure and special additives for increased adhesion and resistance to water washout. This grease meets ASTM D-4950 service classification (NLGI GC-LB). 


Designed for automotive wheel bearings, disc brakes, truck & bus lubrication, agricultural equipment, and multiple industrial applications. 

Features & Benefits

Sunoco Tacky Red #2 Grease in a 120 Pound Drum has been formulated with semi-synthetic materials for outstanding high temperature and low temperature performance that provides excellent protection against wear, rust and corrosion. Its excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance and low traction coefficient improves mechanical life and reduces energy consumption. Available in NLGI grades #1 and #2, this makes an outstanding general purpose automotive and heavy duty vehicle grease, as well as an industrial grease, and is designed for year round usage.

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