ZGuard 2500 Undercoating | 5 Gallon Drum

ZGuard 2500 Undercoating | 5 Gallon Drum
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40.00 LBS

Z Guard 2500, 5 gallon Pail, is a black, high performance, water-based asphaltic coating. It is designed to provide long-term underbody protection to transportation vehicles including passenger cars, heavy and light duty trucks, truck trailers and motorhomes. The Z Guard 2500 is a premium grade, water based undercoating containing no HAPS and no VOC and provides superior durability, moisture and corrosion resistance over a variety of substrates, in addition to steel, such as wood and aluminum. The coating is designed to be applied by airless spray application.

Z-Guard 2500 has the following benefits:

  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Good sound deadening properties
  • High film build-up capability
  • High Temperature (425F) Flow resistance / low temperature flexibility
  • Suitable for severe atmospheric corrosion protection
  • Resistant to High Pressure Steam Cleaning
  • Little or no pretreatment required
  • No HAPS or VOC
  • Forms a firm film allowing the application of decals
  • Excellent adhesion to wood substrates


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