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Automotive & Fleet Lubricants

Here at PSC, we've been helping people maximize the potential of their engines for nearly a century.

Our transition from a hands-on garage to a nationwide distributor allowed us to shift our very particular know-how to millions of potential customers, providing online shoppers with a distinctive and informative shopping experience.

To us, buying overpriced motor oils from a generalized, billion-dollar retail website makes about as much sense as getting your groceries from the shoe store.
When it comes to motor oil, there simply isn't a better purchasing option available online or in-store.

And we know - we have lots to choose from.

This is why we provide enough information in regards to each product, to ensure you are getting exactly what you need - but such is the benefit of maintaining an online, lubricant-specific store: we've got more detailed literature at your disposal than the Library of Congress.

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