We wish everything was as easy as purchasing premium petroleum products from PSC.

But in our business, we know that even if you have the know-how, you still need the right tools to get the job done - 55 gallons of premium lubricant can't do a thing for your machine if you don't have the necessary equipment to extract and apply it.

That's why we've compiled all of the application tools we use daily to apply the many products that we sell. From grease guns to oil pumps to gasoline and diesel-dispensing nozzles, we seek to provide anything we can to help ease the load of your hard work. We also carry pumps for our paints and coatings and a full array of sandblasting equipment.

We provide the equipment that we use ourselves, so you can feel confident when buying from PSC.

There are no more-qualified experts on this equipment than us, so please call us at 1-855-899-7467 if you have any questions in regards to how some of these products work.

So, even if you've got the arm strength to haul a handful of sand at a rusted substrate, chances are you could be a bit more efficient.

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