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Industrial & Manufacturing Lubricants

From man's earliest days, a single notion has governed his evolution:

Progress runs on industry

Only recently (i.e. in the grand scheme of things) has anyone ever considered the relevance of oil in this discussion. Now, in an informational -- but still very much industrial era -- industry runs on oil. Just about everything that is man-made in our modern world has utilized a derivative of crude oil at some point during its production.

Why? -- Well, there's simply nothing like it.

Considering its unique origins and its exclusive physical characteristics, oil has an incredibly diverse list of applications. Count industrial lubricants among them.

Although only 1% of extracted crude oil goes toward the production of lubricants, it is difficult to imagine where America, and subsequently, all of the industrial world, would be without them. At the very least, there would likely be a lot more repairmen.

Petroleum Service Company provides premium lubricants from all major brands and a few up-and-coming companies that (we believe) can do more than just match up.

Browse our selection of lubricants according to their application (i.e. hydraulic oil, compressor oil, heat transfer fluids, etc.) or their weight (i.e. ISO VG, AMGA).

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