Racing Fuels

With our wide selection of Sunoco Racing Fuels in leaded and unleaded varieties spanning a range of octane levels, you'll be sure to find the product you need in 5 gallon pails or 55 gallon drums.

Racing gas is a category of gasoline that go beyond the performance level you find at their local gas station. It just so happens that high-performance racing vehicles were the first ones to identify the need for gasoline that performed better than what was normally available. Hence, we refer to these gasolines as racing fuels, but they are used in many applications beyond just racing.

Due to emission regulations, modern fuels have gone through a lot of changes over the years, including unleaded gasoline and the addition of ethanol. Unfortunately, there are a lot of engines out there that don’t perform well with these changes. This forces consumers to buy expensive additives in addition to what they get at the pump. That is where racing fuels come in. These are not just for race cars. These are high performance fuels that offer consistent and repeatable performance as well as storage capabilities well beyond regular pump gas. Think about your boats, chainsaws, motorcycles, ATVs, tractors and all kinds of off-road equipment. All of them can benefit from high performance racing fuels.

Or if you are just looking for the best darn racing fuels for your high performance engine...look no further than PSC and Sunoco Racing Fuels.

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