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Newsletter | October 2019

Posted by Petroleum Service Company on

Time is running out to Buy Early and Save on Power Service Diesel Fuel Additives. The manufacturer rebate period ends soon! View Video for details


Power Service Arctic Express Antigel provides better cold weather operability then blending with kerosene or No.1 diesel fuel and costs 80% less. Prevent fuel gelling in temps as low as -40 F


Same Name/New Spec - Phillips 66 5606H
Aviation hydraulic standards have been updated to include several new test methods while also tightening the standards for several existing tests. Phillips 66 5606H already met the new standard and transitions to 5606J without reformulation.


An Interview with Modern Tire Dealer Magazine
Modern Tire Dealer Magazine was in town recently to do an Interview with local tire dealer, John McCarthy Jr. This led to our very own President and CEO Rick Rose being interviewed. Rose explains how Petroleum Service Company is not only a customer of McCarthy Tire but also one of it's suppliers.


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An Interview with Modern Tire Dealer

In a recent article in Modern Tire Dealer magazine, John McCarthy Jr., president of Wilkes-Barre based McCarthy Tire Service was recognized as Tire Dealer of the Year for 2019. Under McCarthy’s leadership, McCarthy Tire Service has grown into one of the largest commercial tire dealerships in the country. McCarthy discusses his strategy in the articleand highlights some of the key [...]

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Phillips 66 Victory AW 20W-50 Aviation Oil is Now Available

. Phillips 66’s newest aviation oil is now available online at Originally debuted at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Victory AW 20W-50 is an ashless dispersant, multi-grade engine oil specially formulated for year-round use in aircraft piston engines. This engine oil offers the benefits of Phillips X/C 20W-50. Additionally, it is pre-blended with the proper concentration of anti-scuff/anti-wear [...]

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Diesel Fuel Anti-Gels: Power Service vs. Howes

Owners and operators of diesel-run equipment know the importance of treating their fuel, especially in the winter. Failing to do so can cause a multitude of problems: either your equipment may not run, or it may run ineffectively, losing time, money, and potentially causing further damage. What can affect your engine? Ultra-low sulfur diesel already puts your engine at [...]

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Aeroshell Changes Aviation Oil Case Sizes

If you normally purchase Aeroshell aviation oil in cases of twelve one-quart bottles, you might have noticed that inventory is limited, if available at all. This is because Aeroshell is phasing out 12-quart cases for many of its lubricants and have switched to 6-quart cases. Once inventory runs out, these larger cases will no longer be available.Our affected [...]

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Storing Vintage, Collector, and Muscle Cars

Storing a vehicle for months or even years without any fuel related issues takes two things: the correct storage fuel and the correct storage procedure. Let’s cover the fuel side of things first.All Sunoco race fuels are made from highly refined hydrocarbons which by themselves are inherently stable to promote a long shelf life. We [...]

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