At Petroleum Service Company, we don't take well to being pigeonholed.

Sure, lubricants and fuels have always been our calling card, but we've quietly been the premier supplier of industrial paints and coatings for decades, as well.

Well, not that quietly - For over 50 years our paints and coatings have been applied on everything from your Grandfather's Firebird to sub-aquatic submarines used by the United States Navy.

Our coatings are applied daily, around the world, in various industrial settings. Our repeat customers are the kind you only see once a decade: the point is, our coatings are built to withstand the wears of the road, the industrial plant, and the ocean.

Though, as has always been the case with Petroleum Service Company, we choose to bridge the gap between "big oil" and the "little man". Our online store has coatings for every application, including aerosol-based undercoating products designed to be used by anybody with a capable index finger. We don't just sell things: we educate. Read some of the descriptions of our coating products (note: you might be here all day). You'll determine pretty quickly who the experts are.

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