5 things you should never do in an automatic car

5 things you should never do in an automatic car

By on Nov 24 2017

Most of us know that there are a few things you should never do in a car with standard transmission, but there are some similar rules to follow when you're behind the wheel of an automatic car.

Here are the top 5 things you should avoid. Some of them might just surprise you and they might just save you some money, too.

Number 5: Don't put your car in neutral at a stop light.

You have breaks for this, my friends. Using neutral at a stoplight does not save you fuel, so go ahead and use your car as it's meant to be used: breaks for stopping. End of story.

Besides ... you don't want to put any unnecessary stress on your transmission. That is a just not a cost you want to take on if you can avoid it.

Number 4: Don't let your car run on a low tank of gas often.

Automatic cars rely on fuel to run properly, so making sure you have enough fuel is key to happy driving. Fuel pressure, in fact, is what gets the job done, plus the lubrication it provides will help your car stay cool and lubricated.

It's okay to do this every now and then. I mean, we all get busy and it's going to happen. But you can't say you don't notice a difference in your car's performance after you full up?

Number 3: Avoid launching your car.

Alright, so launching occurs when you rev your engine when it's in neutral before switching to drive to, well, drive. Yeah, this isn't good. Doing this puts stress and strain on your car because it damages the automatic gearbox. That guy is expensive to replace.

Number 2: Don't switch to reverse without coming to a complete stop.

I myself am guilty of this from time to time, but this one is really important. Your breaks are designed to stop your car, so let them do their job. If you don't come to a complete stop before switching from drive to reverse and vice versa, your transmission is doing a job your breaks should be doing. You don't want that here because this is just another way to put more stress on the gearbox.

NOTE: This goes for putting the car in park, too.

Number 1: Don't coast downhill in neutral ... actually, don't coast in neutral at all.

This won't save you any gas in a newer car. Why? Because newer cars automatically cut fuel to the engine. They're modern after all. Plus, um ... this is illegal in some states. Just avoid it, people.

Now you know. While they seem harmless, doing some of these things can cause some serious damage to your car, so treat your baby with care and respect.

With these tips, you'll be on your way to a healthier car to see you through the years.


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