10 Tips For Better Fuel Economy

10 Tips For Better Fuel Economy

By on May 06 2013

Temperatures are rising, students will soon be on summer break, and road crews are out in full force. Summer driving season is upon us. After a long cold winter many families are making their plans to get out and enjoy the warm weather. How and where they plan to spend their free time will vary, but how they plan to spend their hard earned money getting there will be the same, on GASOLINE. In the past it was barely a thought when making our travel decisions, but it has now become a crucial factor in the vacation equation. Higher fuel prices affect us all, but they do not need to have such a huge impact on our summer plans. Here are a few simple tips that can help you get the most bang for your buck for that black gold in your tank.

  1. Check Your Tire Pressure: Your cars owners manual will give you the correct PSI for your tires. For every 2 PSI your tires are low you will lose 1% fuel economy.
  2. Speed: Don't be in a hurry to get there. Fuel economy decreases at speeds over 60 mph. Lowering your speed can give you gains of 7-23 percent mpg.
  3. Lose Some Weight: Not you, your car. Only travel with what you need. Those sandbags you threw in your trunk for traction in the snow actually can decrease your fuel economy 1-2 percent per 100lbs of extra weight.
  4. Cruise Control: Inconsistent driving will lower your fuel economy. Constantly pressing the pedal to the floor will lower your fuel economy 5-33 percent. Not just the gas pedal, but the brake pedal as well. Use your vehicles cruise control when you can for more consistent driving.
  5. Tune Ups: Keeping your car in tune can get you up to 4% better fuel mileage. Check your vehicles owner's manual for your proper maintenance schedule.
  6. Aerodynamics: Back to number 3. Only travel with what you absolutely need. Putting that cargo carrier on the roof of your car will throw the aerodynamics of your car off. Yes this will ensure your wife gets all of her shoes to your destination, but will decrease your fuel mileage up to 5%.
  7. Plan Efficiently: When running daily errands try to get as much done as possible while you are out. Obviously the fewer trips out you make in a week, the less gas you will consume. Don't drive 5 miles out of your way to save 2 cents per gallon on gas.
  8. Idling: Don't leave your car idling. It does nothing to help fuel economy and is simply a waste of fuel. When stuck in a traffic jam, roll down the window and shut your engine off.
  9. Motor Oil: Always use an API Certified Motor Oil such as Kendall GT-1 Synthetic Blend. Current API certified oils are specified Energy Conserving " API SN. Using anything other than API SN can result in a decrease in fuel economy.
  10. Oxygen Sensor: If your check engine light comes on never ignore it. Your car's CPU is sending you important diagnostic information such as a faulty oxygen sensor. A bad oxygen sensor will result in 40% less fuel economy.

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