Buy Racing Fuels Online Thanks to Our Sunoco Partnership

Buy Racing Fuels Online Thanks to Our Sunoco Partnership

By on Apr 12 2019

Did you know that racing fuels can be purchased online from the convenience of your home? Yes, you read that right. Racing fuels can be ordered online and shipped to your door. No more driving to your local dealership or auto-shop in search of your reliable and most-trusted fuel. There is nothing more frustrating than making a trek to obtain an item and leaving empty-handed.

PSC is proud to announce our partnership with Sunoco Race Fuels. With similar missions and goals, we knew our collaboration would be especially beneficial to our loyal customers.

You no longer need to worry about limited store hours or pitiful selections of racing fuels. We now offer five product categories— Fuels by Octane Rating, Unleaded, Leaded, Oxygenated, and Alcohol to provide a hassle-free method to find the racing fuel that works best for you.

Innovators in the Industry

We entered this industry in 1930 as a brick-and-mortar distributor of oil and lubricants and have since evolved into an e-commerce business. Instead of clinging onto the past, we embrace technology to provide our customers with 24-hour access to high-quality products from well-established brands.

As innovators of this industry, we always seek opportunities to partner with the best-of-the-best and Sunoco is no exception. Thanks to our partnership, a vast selection of Sunoco Racing Fuels are now available at our online store.

The History Behind Sunoco Race Gas

Sunoco Fuels has come a long way since opening their first gas station back in 1920. Throughout the past 100 years, they have grown into one of the largest fuel distribution companies in the United States.

They were destined to enter the racing world when they blended their first high-octane fuels in the mid-fifties. Ten years later, Sunoco teamed up with Mark Donohue and Penske Racing Team; this partnership eventually succeeded in winning the 1972 Indianapolis 500. It’s no wonder why Sunoco became the Official Fuel of NASCAR, Grand-Am, AMA Pro Road Racing, and other racing events.

With 31 years of experience, Robert Marro, Vice President of Sunoco Performance Products, is always looking for opportunities to enhance the company’s distribution network. After receiving a request from the former president of Sunoco to lead the performance fuel division in 2002, Marro expanded their international presence and introduced Sunoco 260 GT 100 Octane Race Fuel to gas stations across the United States. Since then, Sunoco now offers 20 race fuels and continues to grow as a global force.

No matter your racing fuel preference, PSC’s Sunoco Racing Fuel has become a proud addition to our 4,000+ products. We are ecstatic to team up with Sunoco to provide you the best of the best.

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