Picking The Proper Blast Pot

Picking The Proper Blast Pot

By on Apr 11 2014

We constantly receive phone calls with questions on choosing the proper Blast Pot. It can be a little confusing since all of the pots basically do the same thing and there are many different models to choose from. The first thing we try to narrow your search is ask: “Do you need the pot to be portable?” This will help us determine which series Blast Machine you will need: a Contractor Blast System or a Classic Blast System. Contractor Blast Machines are designed to be portable with all of the components of the machine contained on the cart, which can easily be moved to different jobsites like in the back of a pick-up truck. The Classic Blast Machines are still “Portable” but have separate components that are not contained within the unit. For this post we will focus on the Classic Blast System since there are more variations offered under that series. The next question we ask is “How large of a pot will they be looking for?” Classic Blast machines are offered from .5 CU FT on the Model 1028 up to 6 CU FT on the Model 2452. The pots are measured in Cubic Feet and this number determines the amount of typical media the pot will hold. A .5 CU FT pot will hold 50 lbs of media and a 6 CU FT pot will hold 600 lbs of media. This helps the prospective buyer in choosing a system that fits their needs. A 6 CU FT pot holding 600 lbs of media blasting at 100 PSI with a No.6 Nozzle allows the operator to blast for roughly ½ hour without having to refill the pot. So, although a 6 CU FT pot will cost more money than a .5 CU FT pot, some companies will justify the upfront cost of a larger system to increase productivity while blasting. Once pot size is determined the final question we ask is “Do you currently own any blasting equipment”? This helps us determine whether or not the customer would benefit from a Complete Blast Package or just a bare Blast Pot. For the customer who already owns most of the equipment needed the Blast Pot Only is the direction we would go with. A customer may need to add a few items to get their system up and running, but will not need everything that comes with a complete package. A Complete Classic Blast Package like the 6 CU FT Model 2452 HP will have everything the customer needs to start blasting. This package is also offered as a Model 2452 LP. The difference between the HP (High Pressure) and LP (Low Pressure) packages is the breathing air system. The Model 2452 HP will come with an Apollo 600 DLX HP Breathing Air Respirator and CPF-20 Air Filtration System that hooks directly up to your air compressor and feeds filtered air to the operator. The Model 2452 LP Breathing Air Respirator will come with an Apollo 600 DLX LP and will require an ambient air pump like the Calipso CAP-1 to feed the respirator. So when we refer to packages as HP (High Pressure) or LP (Low Pressure) we are talking about the breathing air systems and not the Blast Machine. Both the HP and LP packages will also come with all of the required air hoses, blast hoses, remote controls, blast nozzles, couplings, and washers required to run the machine. Hopefully this blog helps you in determining which Blast Pot best suits your needs and as always the friendly, helpful, staff at is always available to assist you in answering any questions.

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