Choosing The Right Blasting Helmet

Choosing The Right Blasting Helmet

By on Apr 11 2014

When choosing your Apollo series HP Helmets you will notice that they come with many different options. Take for example the Apollo 600 DLX HP w/CFC. In this blog I am going to help you better understand what all of this means so you can make a better decision when purchasing or servicing your Apollo Series HP Helmet. I will focus on the Apollo 600, but the information provided can be applied to the Apollo 60 and Apollo 20 Helmet as well. First let me dissect the name. Apollo 600 is the Helmet Model, DLX is the type of suspension inside the helmet, HP is for high pressure meaning an air compressor will be feeding air into the respirator/helmet, and CFC stands for Constant Flow Connector. Lets focus on where it says CFC. It is in this area of the helmets description where we will see the most variation. CFC stands for Constant Flow Connector. This means that the helmet/respirator is equipped with an air control valve that is not adjustable. The Constant Flow Valve provides a fixed volume of air at maximum air flow. The second option we see on the Apollo series helmet may be Apollo 600 DLX HP w/ACV. ACV stands for Air Control Valve. This valve is similar to the Constant Flow Connector, but allows the operator to make adjustments to the volume of air being supplied to the respirator/helmet. The third option offered is Apollo 600 DLX HP w/CCAC. This is called the Clem-Cool Air Conditioner and is designed to make the operator more comfortable when blasting in a warmer climate. The Clem-Cool Air Conditioner can cool the air from your compressor by as much as 50 degrees. The Clem Cool Air Conditioner is an economical way to provide comfort to the operator, but cannot be repaired. If anything is damaged on this device it will have to be completely replaced. The next option would be Apollo 600 HP DLX w/CAT. The CAT stands for Cool Air Tube and does everything the Clem-Cool Air Conditioner can but the internal parts on the Cool Air Tube can be replaced providing years of service life. Our last option is the Apollo 600 HP DLX w/CCT. The CCT Stands for Climate Control Tube and allows the operator to either cool or warm the air supplied to the helmet/respirator by 40 degrees. This option is perfect for climates that see both warm and cool weather and will provide the operator with maximum comfort. All of the above information can be applied to any Apollo HP (High Pressure) Series helmet. The Apollo LP (Low Pressure) Series helmets all come with the Constant Flow Connector as your only option. All of the items mentioned in this article can be purchased at Our friendly and helpful staff is available to assist you with technical questions and your online order.

Source: Clemco Stock # 07764

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