Choosing the Right Corrosion Preventive Coating With METFAR

Choosing the Right Corrosion Preventive Coating With METFAR

By on Jul 15 2015

The world of protective undercoatings is growing. Projections estimate the industry to be worth $26.5 billion by 2019. However at one time, corrosion preventative coatings were designed primarily with the automobile in mind. This was in the days of unsophisticated undercoating technology, when it was believed that coatings containing chicken fat could be applied as protection " for your vehicle's undercarriage.

Today, there are so many different types of coating protection that you might not even know where to begin. Seemingly countless military specifications (MIL-SPEC) and the different grades/classes might be too overwhelming for some. In light of this, we have developed an acronym, METFAR, to help. Each letter of the word METFAR represents one of the critical details that you need to know when you're in the market for a quality, protective undercoating. Hopefully this guide will assist you in determining which product is right for you.

M - The 'M' in METFAR is for metal. This almost seems obvious when deciding which undercoating you need, but you might be surprised. Some metals might not hold onto coatings as well as others, even if the coatings provide the same type of protection.

E - 'E' is for exposure. After you apply your coating, what will that surface be exposed to afterwards? Some undercoatings are fine for just one coat, but for others, you might need a product that must be applied continuously.

T - What does the letter 'T' almost always stand for? Time. The question to ask yourself is how long do I need protection for? Do you need protection for one week or one year? It almost seems like another obvious thing to consider when choosing an undercoating, but it's important to remember so that you're not paying for protection you don't need.

F - The fourth letter of METFAR is for film. This pertains to the thickness of the coat once you apply it. Certain undercoatings will definitely be thicker than others, which will leave a different film. This is important for areas where a coating may need to get inside small places.

A - 'A' stands for application. How do you plan to apply your coating? Some coatings can be applied using a brush. Others can be applied by dipping what you need protected into it. You can even apply some by spraying from an aerosol can.

R - Rounding out METFAR is the letter 'R.' This letter represents removal. Depending on some of your answers for the other METFAR questions you need to ask yourself, you might need a coating that easily removed. Other instances might require a product that is not easily removed.

Now that you know about METFAR and what it stands for, you can be equipped with the right questions to ask when looking for the corrosion preventive undercoating that is right for you.

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