Diesel Fuel Additives ... It's a No-Brainer and Necessity For Your Engine

Diesel Fuel Additives ... It's a No-Brainer and Necessity For Your Engine

By on Mar 28 2013

With the ever changing, environmental restraints that are being placed on the diesel engines and the fuel we all get at the pumps these days, a diesel fuel additive is not just an added benefit anymore.


Diesel fuel additives are a necessary maintenance procedure to keep your engines performing properly. Over the past 10 years we have seen a dramatic change in diesel fuels and diesel engines in order to lessen the harmful effects of CO2 emissions on the environment. In addition, States are starting to mandate higher levels of renewable energy sources such as biodiesel to be blended with the fuel.

These changes have dramatically changed how diesel fuel performs. Less amounts of sulfur in the fuel means less lubricity for the pumps and injectors. It also affects the fuel volatility which lowers fuel's cetane.

Simply put ... less horsepower.

In modern diesel engines with High-Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) systems the fuel is broken down which releases asphaltenes. These small black tar deposits create havoc on fuel injectors.

Now, you top that all off with a good dose of biodiesel. Generally, this is a vegetable based fuel that microbes (Bacteria & Fungi) thrive on.

Now you have a fuel that doesn't burn well, is dry and not providing any lubrication, gums up your injectors and starts to grow lily pads in your tank. Add a little cold weather to the mix and you are not going anywhere. This can all be prevented by incorporating diesel fuel additives into your preventive maintenance routines.

Petroleum Service Company deals in Power Service Diesel Fuel Additives which has products to address all these fuel related problems. Best of all, Power Service Products have proven performance gains that more than exceed the cost of the product.

Like we said ... It's a No-Brainer "

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