Differences Between an Apollo 60 and Apollo 600 Blast Helmet

Differences Between an Apollo 60 and Apollo 600 Blast Helmet

By on Apr 15 2014

There can be some confusion when trying to order replacement parts for either your Apollo 60 or Apollo 600 Helmet. The staff at  SandblastingMachines.com thought it might be helpful if we released a blog to assist you in identifying which helmet you actually have. Although the helmets are very similar in appearance there are a few key distinguishing factors between the two. Both Helmets are Red/Orange in color, but the Apollo 60 has a black frame around the lens, while the Apollo 600 has a red frame around its’ lens. In addition to the red frame, the Apollo 600 has an outer window frame that swings open and closed and a window latch located on the left hand side of the helmet.

The Apollo 60 is paired with a red cape that zips into a red collar and the Apollo 600 will have the same zip in a style red collar, but that attaches to a grey cape that is secured to the bottom of the helmet with a ratchet style cape attachment band. Both Helmets have the name CLEMCO printed on both sides, but the Apollo 600 has CLEMCO encircled by a rib, while there is no rib around the word CLEMCO on the Apollo 60. Both helmets use the same lenses, but the Apollo 60 is a 2 lens system that uses part # 04367 as the inner lens and part # 04361 for the perforated outer lens (Tear Off). The Apollo 600 has a 3 lens system that also uses part # 04367 as the inner lens, but then uses part #24943 as an intermediate lens, and part #04361 as its perforated outer lens (Tear Off).

See the differences yourself in this great Clemco video on the functionality of the Apollo 600.

As always you can call us if there is confusion and our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always happy to assist you with your online purchase.

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