Manual VS. Automatic On Fuel Economy

By on Apr 22 2013

The trend among American drivers is that around 94% purchase vehicles with automatic transmissions as apposed to Asia and Europe, which is less than 20%. Ease of use makes an automatic transmission a simple choice for many, but manual transmissions are gaining a popularity that has not been seen for many years. Americans are taking notice of the fuel economy and performance benefits especially among the growing market of efficient and zippy compact and subcompact vehicles like the Ford Focus. In 2012 6.5% of all vehicles sold in the US are manual transmissions as apposed to 3.8% the year before. Manual transmission vehicles are almost always less expensive so if you are looking for the most bang for your buck then a stick may be the car for you. Whatever you transmission you choose visit the PSC Online Store to purchase affordable quality synthetic motor oil from 76, Kendall, Coastal and much more to properly maintain your new ride.

Click here to read a great article from that compares overall cost, fuel economy, and acceleration stats for popular automatic and manual compact vehicles.

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