What We've Been Up To | Video & Articles

What We've Been Up To | Video & Articles

By on Mar 15 2016

PSC has been hard at work to provide you with much more than the exceptional products and services that we're known for. At Industrial Outpost, the official blog of PSC, our goal is to provide you, our friends and customers, with entertaining, educational, and informational content.

Below you'll find some of our most recent work, including videos and articles. Thanks for your support, and as always, your feedback is welcome!

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How To Change Your Engine Oil


In the debate of changing your own oil versus going to the shop to have it done, there's a lot to consider: do you have the time, equipment, the know-how? What's the real cost of each? What are the savings? Is it —worth —it? In this step-by-step guide, we break down the process for you.

Read More: —DIY: A Guide on How to Change Your Vehicle's Engine Oil

Video: —How to Change Your Engine Oil Featuring a 1967 Ford Mustang

Tectyl Hot-Melt Wax Coatings


Known in the industry as hot-melt wax coatings, Tectyl 435D & 437D are a unique variety. These two Tectyl products are rust preventatives with virtually zero environmental impact. Learn more about their applications via our article on industrial coatings or watch our video highlighting these two products.

Read more: —Industrial Coatings -- The Dark Horse of the Petroleum Industry

Video: —Environmentally-Safe Industrial Hot-Melt Coatings | Tectyl 435D and 437D

How A Blast Machine Works


A definitive, visual guide to understanding precisely how these big —hunks of metal actually operate. Though it may seem otherwise, this process is actually incredibly simple and can be followed step by step. Check out the video below or click here to read our informative article on the subject: or do —both!

Read More:For Your Information: Understanding How A Blast Machine Works

Video: —How A Blast Machine Works | A Definitive, Visual Guide HD

Stop Rust & Protect Your Vehicle


Probably the most divisive home auto product on the market today - perhaps sharing the top spot with fuel additives - is aerosol-based undercoating. The application is simple: shake, pop the top, and spray. Voila. Here, we review Undercoating in a Can, a new wax-based undercoating, while also analyzing the divide between advocates of canned undercoatings and its opponents.

Read more: —Undercoating Your Vehicle: Is it a waste of time and money?

Video: —[Part 1/2] Undercoating in a Can | Stop Rust & Protect Your Vehicle

[Part 2/2] Undercoating in a Can | Stop Rust & Protect Your Vehicle

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