The Difference Between PSC and "Big Oil"

The Difference Between PSC and "Big Oil"

By on Apr 07 2016

Big oil? Ah, we're trying to watch our figure.

A few years ago, PSC — as a third generation, family-owned business — decided to take our on-the-ground business to the cloud; today, as the world's pioneer of online petroleum sales, we are now doing business with customers across the nation. Our customers know what to expect in terms of quality, speed, and consistency.

Everything we've done has been a result of hard work; a small, close-knit team, and strategic planning has resulted in a steady growth over the past 90-some years. Machinery fascinates us, and the lubricants we sell make sure that these modern marvels stay in operation for as long as possible. 

So, in short, Big Oil is way bigger than us. We understand why you might throw us in the ring with the heavy-hitters, but that's only because we don't really fit in anywhere: and we think that's a good thing.

Labels are fine when they're correct — we'll be darned if we let a single package off the dock with the wrong address on it. And while some labels (like the ones so commonly found on your food packages) help to boost business, others do much to hurt them. So, humbly we ask: do not call us "Big Oil" because:


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