The Magic Trick To Find Out What Side Your Fuel Tank Is On

The Magic Trick To Find Out What Side Your Fuel Tank Is On

By on Nov 13 2013

Have you ever filled up someone else's car with gas and pulled up to the pump only to have selected the wrong side. Whether it is a rental car or your friends ride it is annoying and probably has happened at least once in your life. People face this situation all the time and you usually see them half hanging out their door for a filler cap sighting. But there is hope for us all and most don't even know it. Take a look at your fuel gauge! If your car is new or relatively new there will be a little arrow either in between empty and full or next to the fuel pump sign. This magic arrow points left or right to the proper side to fill up. It seems so simple and has probably been right in front of your eyes all along. Most people at PSC Online did not know of this phenomenon, but it will be sure to make our lives a bit easier and hopefully yours.

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