We Found The Hidden Gem of Gun Cleaners

We Found The Hidden Gem of Gun Cleaners

By on Feb 28 2013

As with every sport or hobby, we tend to make time in our life so we can fully enjoy the activity. For those who enjoy hunting, sport shooting, or anything involving firearms, you always make room for the much-anticipated hunting seasons, sport shooting with friends, and any other of the countless activities involving firearms.

During these periods it is extremely important to coat your firearms in some type of oil/cleaner/preventive lubricant to avoid issues with the firearm becoming seized and/or capsulated in rust.

For me, this coating was always the good old-fashioned WD-40 application after every season. Then I came across a Military Approved Specification (MIL-PRF-32033), which is used by the military on their firearms, tanks, and other machinery that is susceptible to rust. The product that meets that specification is called Tectyl 900 and it has been a game changer for me keeping my firearms rust-free for about 10 years now. There is really nothing else like it in terms of quality and performance because it was developed by the military. Here is a brief description of what Tectyl 900 is used for and what its purpose is when applied to machinery/equipment.

TECTYL 900 is a water displacing, low viscosity lubricating oil and corrosion preventive compound. TECTYL 900 provides protection to ferrous and nonferrous industrial parts during storage and covered transit. Tectyl 900 has been a consistent favorite that more people should know about. Check out the links below for more information.

Info on Tectyl 900

Tectyl 900: Product Data Sheet

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