Clear Fluid Coat vs. Fluid Film


Recently, Undercoating in a Can’s Clear Fluid Coat was sprayed side-by-side with one of the industry’s leading brands, Fluid Film, in a panel spray test. This panel spray test was done in a controlled environment, spraying metal panels at an equal distance, making the same number of passes.

Undercoating in a Can’s product, Clear Fluid Coat, adheres evenly to the surface of the panel. Even after being upright for 24 hours, it held to the panel. Fluid Film, however, can’t say the same.

Panels from the Spray Test

Undercoating In A Can Logo

 Best for penetrating tight joints and crevices

 Creeps into nooks and crannies

 Drives out corrosion

 Lubricates and stops squeaks

Fluid Film Logo

 Protects all metals

 No Solvents

 Stops rust on contact