Cold Weather Hydraulic Oil

Cold Weather Hydraulic Oils help prevent equipment failure and permanent damage to hydraulic systems operating in extreme cold or arctic conditions while reducing warm-up time and maintaining performance in sub-zero temperatures.

As temperatures drop below freezing, natural waxes in oils form crystals, thickening the fluid and preventing its flow - Petroleum Service Company's selection of Cold Weather Hydraulic Fluids have pour points as low as -60° C (-76° F) and maintain their ideal viscosity, or thickness, as temperatures rise and fall. Should temperatures break freezing, PSC's versatile Cold Weather Hydraulic Oils will operate with the same efficiency.

Extend service intervals and reduce wear of hydraulic components while maintaining consistency in all temperature conditions with zinc-free and oxidation-resistant lubricants - and for the environmentally-friendly operation, PSC also offers biodegradable Cold Weather Hydraulic oils.

Select your desired oil viscosity grade below to see the products offered for your cold weather application from brands including Mobil, Chevron, Sunoco, Shell, Phillips 66, and more.

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