Fuel Equipment

Petroleum Service Company provide OPW products who are a global leader in Dispensing Products and Hardware. The OPW products offered include a wide array of conventional dispensing nozzles, fuel hoses, Husky breakaways, Husky hose swivels, Fill-Rite electric and manual fuel pumps, and Fill-Rite fuel meters.

Petroleum Service Company provide Cim-Tek filters: standard petroleum filters, Bio-Tek E10 and B-10 filters, and hydrosorb filters. PSC carries a variety of Cim-Tek inline spin-on adaptors.

Petroleum Service Company carries a wide variety of Fuel Equipment for different applications. The fuel equipment includes : Fuel Dispensing Nozzles, Fuel Hose Swivels, Fuel Hoses, Fuel Hose Break Aways, Standard Fuel Filters, Ethanol and Bio Fuel Filters up to E10 & B10, Water Absorbing Fuel Filters, Inline Spin-on Filter Adaptors, Gauging Paste, Electric Fuel Pump, Fuel Meter, and Manual Fuel Pump.

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