Grade 100 | SAE 50

Lubricants commonly employed in aviation engines have specific grading systems exclusive to these vehicles. Aviation Grade 100 oils, also referred to as SAE 50 Aviation Oils, have viscosities of 213 cSt @ 40°C and 20.2 cSt @ 100°C.

However, in addition to single-grade oils, PSC also offers multi-grade oils with viscosities at operating temperatures which are equivalent in value to the viscosity of SAE 50 weight oils. These oils include 20w-50 break-in oil and 15w-50 normal operation oil (one of the most popular aircraft engine oils).

Some of these oils are designed for engine break-in and others are designed for normal operation. In either case, these oils are formulated from the finest petroleum-bases and include unique additive systems to ensure excellent wear protection.


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