Industrial Lubricants By Weight

Selecting the correct weight of oil for your application is the first and most important consideration when selecting a lubricant. We've implemented this tool to help you first navigate the many weight options and then showing the available applications as well as various brands and varieties.

There are three acronyms you need to pay close attention to when shopping industrial lubricants by weight: ISO VG, AGMA, and SAE.

These acronyms are used to determine the viscosity, or relative thickness of your industrial oil, with the most common (in industrial applications) being ISO VG.

ISO VG stands for International Standards Organization Viscosity Grade. This classification is almost exclusively limited to industrial lubricants.

AGMA stands for American Gear Manufacturers Association.

SAE, used more commonly in automotive applications, is an acronym for the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Though the classification systems are different, these three acronyms represent, relatively, the same thing. For example, AGMA 2 oil has relatively the same viscosity as SAE 80 Gear Oil, which has relatively the same viscosity as ISO 68 oil.

Though these three classifications do have relative relationships, it is best to follow your machine's documentation in order to determine the most suitable lubricant.

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