Lycoming LW 16702 Additives

Lycoming Engines are some of the most robust aviation engines on the market. Manufacturers at Lycoming have approved an oil additive for use in their engines, LW 16702, that has an anti-abrasive additive that is intended to reduce wear to cylinders. This additive has been added to high-performance aviation oils to satisfy the OEM specifications of any Lycoming engine employed in an aircraft.

In addition to the Lycoming-specific additive, these oils are formulated to have a high level of rust and corrosion protection as well as excellent resistance to oxidation. These unique performance qualities may be attributed to these oils' increased thermal stability in the presence of both high and low temperatures commonly encountered in aviation engines.

Aviation Engine Oils with LW16702 are premium quality lubricants that provide protection and easy start-up in all temperature conditions. These oils are better inclined to protect the vital, miniscule components of engines and prevent the excess buildup of debris and sludge. Aviation oils formulated with Lycoming additives are designed for the best possible protection of your aircraft engine's critical camshafts, lifters, and other high wear components.

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