Rock Drill Oils

Rock Drill Oils are commonly used as a lubricant for rock drills, jack hammers, pavement breakers, drifters and other types of pneumatic percussion equipment and construction equipment. This oil is an adhesive, extreme-pressure (EP) fluid that may endure extremely high pressures and temperatures without oxidizing.

Extreme-pressure additives in rock drill oils give these lubricants extended service life and their adhesive characteristics prevent the dissipation of lubricant film over time and high pressure. Corrosion-resistant and high performance, Rock Drill Oils exhibit excellent lubrication properties in the presence of moisture and meet the performance requirements of most pneumatic percussion equipment manufactured by Gardner-Denver, Ingersoll-Rand, and several other OEMs. Unique additive packages in combination with premium quality mineral-based oils provide optimum lubrication while resisting foaming and corrosion.

Pneumatic percussion tools require seamless operation to ensure safe working conditions - improper lubrication may be detrimental to the machinery. Exact blends of additives and specific, refined base oils are essential to smooth and safe machine operations. PSC's selection of Rock Drill Oils are formulated for use in various pneumatic percussion tool applications and may be used in construction and mining equipment as well as some industrial gearboxes where leakage is a problem.

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