Slide Way Lubricants

Slide Way Lubricants are designed to lubricate, reduce friction, and increase performance in slide ways in machine tools, otherwise referred to as linear bearings.

Slide ways (or slideways) in machine tools require a displacement of friction to work properly. Large, heavy metal slide way machinery is subject to substantial friction, meaning the necessary force (and, thus, power) to move the machine is greatly increased. Improper lubrication of slide ways, or linear bearings, may lead to systems failure or costly downtime.

Slide ways in machine tools require an oil with a high film strength; this essentially means that the lube can withstand high amounts of weight and pressure before dissipating, which results in unwanted metal-to-metal contact.

A phenomenon referred to as "stick-slip" occurs when there is an alternation between static (at rest) friction and dynamic (mobile) friction. For instance, imagine a racecar driver accelerate from the pit: the tires spin rapidly then suddenly catch, propelling him forward. This is an undesirable occurrence for slideways in machine tools.

Petroleum Service Company's selection of slide way lubricants eliminate the potential for stick-slip and are formulated to prevent wear regardless of whether or not a machine is in operation.

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