Aviation Smoke Oil

Aviation smoke oils, commonly found at airshows, are also used extensively by hobbyists with piston, jet, and turbine engine smoke systems. Their applications even go beyond just aircraft.

These low-viscosity, paraffin based oils are environmentally friendly, biodegradable mineral oils with a pure base stock. This means that there are no additives that could harm the pilot, spectators, or the plane's paint.

At Petroleum Service Company, we offer aerobatic smoke oil from AeroShell, Phillips 66, and BlueSky in bulk 55 gallon drums. 

Phillips 66 Aviation Smoke Oil is approved for use by the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and is the premier choice for the Phillips 66 Aerostars Aerobatic Team.

AeroShell Aviation Aerobatic Smoke Oil is approved by both the USAF Thunderbirds and U.S. Navy Blue Angels.

BlueSky White Lightning has been used for years by organizers of many aerobatic display events as a high-quality, affordable alternative with performance that meets or exceeds other smoke oils.

For product data sheets and safety data sheets, refer to the 'Manufacturer Info & Data Sheets' tab on the product page for more information. 

Regardless of your selection, feel confident knowing you are going to get a nice, clean burn that produces high quality thick white trails.


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