Spindle Oil / Low Viscosity Air Tool Oil

Light weight Spindle Oil is used to lubricate high-speed spindles bearings - High speed rotating components create internal friction with-in the lubricant which can elevate temperatures causing the lubricant to break-down prematurely. These lighter viscosity oils have lesser coefficient of friction making them the best choice for these applications.

Because of their Low Viscosity and additive make-up, they are also the perfect choice to be used as an Air Tool Oil. These tools require a thin fluid to carry through the airstream and provide lubrication to all their moving parts. Also due to their additive make-up, they are able to counter act the damaging effects of water / condensation associated with compressed air systems.

Petroleum Service Company offers Spindle Oil/Low Viscosity Air Tool Oil formulated with select high-quality base oils and additives that are used to prevent rust, internal damage, and machine failure.

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