Straight Grade Ashless for Normal Use

Aircraft engine oils intended for normal use have specific performance characteristics to address the demands of the unique machines that power these aerial vehicles.

Aircraft engines benefit (after break-in) from premium, high-performance lubricants that are referred to as Ashless Dispersants (AD oils). As these oils clean and lubricate the various engine components, they do not leave behind any trace of ash or burnt additive metals. This unique characteristic was not always present in aviation oils - in fact, prior to the introduction of AD oils, this fiery, metallic debris would cause pre-ignition, which, in some cases, would mean imminent engine failure. The dispersant ability of these oils ensures the gradual collection and subsequent ejecting of suspended particles through the oil filter.

Single-grade AD oils are straight weight, petroleum-based oils with an exclusive selection of additives that contribute to excellent lubrication and cleansing characteristics. The high viscosities of these oils are generally conducive to the protection of internal corrosion and are highly resistant to oil film rupture.

Due to the unique formulation of these lubricants, it is recommended that the oil is changed at least every 50 hours of flight, or 4 months in storage. The frequent changing of these oils allows for metal particles to be flushed out of the system as well as undesirable acid contamination. Contrary to most automotive oil applications, these engine oils are generally preferred by the aviation community to be predominately mineral based (AD) oils. Should you need any help deciding which product and respective weight may be best for your engine, please call us at 1-855-899-7467.

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