Sunoco Race Fuel Drum Pump

Sunoco Race Fuel Drum Pump

This product can be added for FREE with purchase of SUNOCO E85-R 99 OCTANE RACE FUEL.

1.00 LBS

Sunoco Race Fuel Polyethylene Constructed Siphon Drum Pump for 15-55 Gallon Drums

For a limited time you can receive this pump for FREE by purchasing Sunoco E85-R 99 Octane Racing Fuel. Simply add the racing fuel and pump to your cart on this page.

Sunoco Race Fuel Siphon Drum Pump is your answer for safe and effortless dispensing or transferring of a multitude of non-flammable liquids such as mild corrosives, detergents, chemicals, light oils, and waxes.

This highly versatile tool is valuable across various industries, fitted with a suction tube reaching 34" below drum lid, it is able to easily empty a 55-Gallon drum in 8 minutes with  the accompanying 4" discharge tube.
Compatible with both Fine or NPS threaded drum openings, Sunoco Race Fuel Siphon Drum Pump can also be trimmed to fit any desired drum and includes an adapter for fitting 2" drum openings.

This FDA approved Siphon Drum Pump is constructed with BPA-Free, blended High/Low Density Polyethylene (HDPE/LDPE) material, combining the rigidity and chemical resistance of HDPE with the flexibility of LDPE to create a durable and tight seal around the drum bung, minimizing the overall risk of leaks and spills.

Utilize Sunoco Race Fuel Siphon Drum Pump today for its ease of use and reliability in transferring a multitude of liquids across various industries safely and efficiently.

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Sunoco Race Fuels is offering a Free Drum Pump with the purchase of a 54 Gallon Drum of Sunoco E85-R 99 Octane Race Fuel.
To add the free drum pump, first add the '54 Gallon Drum' to the cart, then click the blue 'Add FREE Drum Pump' button.

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