Turbine Engine Oils

All Jet Engines are actually specific types of gas turbine engines. These engines thrust an aircraft forward via the direct acceleration of air and/or exhaust gases toward the rear of the craft. The escaping gas or air is under immense pressure and this high-pressure release is precisely what moves these large vehicles at such high speeds.

The components in which these oils reside require highly specific additive technologies and increased wear protection due to the extreme environment in which they operate. Maintenance costs and undesirable downtime are two of the most prevalent factors in keeping jets and other aircraft grounded - PSC's selection of Aviation Turbine Engine Oils are formulated to address these issues, lowering maintenance costs through high-performance oil formulations, and avoiding downtime due to the exceptional cleansing properties of these lubricants.

Turbine Oils are designed to handle the high speeds, temperatures, and extreme stresses experienced in jet turbine engines. The resilient characteristics of these oils contribute to their greatly extended fluid life in turbine engines and contribute to the lengthening of engine life and the minimization of necessary maintenance time.

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