Turbine Oils

The term "Turbine Oil" can sometimes be confusing and misinterpreted. There are Turbine Oils that are used in Turbine Engines such as Jet Engines and Power Generation Turbines, yet there is also the more generic Turbine Oil or, "Turbine Quality Oil," that refers to high quality Rust and Oxidation Oils with superior-performing base oils that are used in a variety of applications. Generally speaking, the quality of a Turbine Oil is determined by its oxidation resistance.*

Turbine Oils are high quality R&O Oils recommended for use in gas, steam, and hydroelectric turbines as well as a multitude of other machinery applications because of their consistent performance and extended service periods. They require fewer oil changes and less overall maintenance.

Petroleum Service Company's Turbine Oils provide extended service life, boast excellent water-separation properties, and are refined to improve chemical and thermal stability. These oils aid in contaminant separation and are resistant to rust formation in large turbine and circulating systems.

Turbine Oils offered at PSC have an extensive area of application and may be used in all turbine types as well as air compressors, vacuum pumps, well water pumps, machine tools, and industrial gear drives that do not require extreme-pressure (EP) or compounded gear oil.

NOTE: Refer to the lubricant manufacturers Product Data Sheet to determine the lubricants exact quality level.

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